Very tiny orangish-red insect that bites!

Nacogdoches , United States

Hi all, and thank everyone for your expertise! Every spring/summer I begin to notice - actually I don't really 'notice' them until they bite because they are so small - these teeny-tiny insects that bite my arms/legs. They never leave a mark on my skin after they bite, nor do they itch much. I will feel a tiny sting/bite and automatically itch the spot and will see this small, orangish, almost flesh colored bug where I felt the sting. It might itch for 30 seconds after I feel the bite and kill the bug. They seem to be attracted to white or light colored clothing, although they could be on darker clothing, and I just can't see them. After searching the web and tons of forums, I don't not believe they are 'no see ums' or clover mites. Any and all help to identify these tiny pests is much appreciated! The photo I attached is not very good, but I found this one on my phone screen while I was looking at pictures to identify these's like the bug knew lol. That is my index fingernail beside the tiny bug. Thanks all!

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Minot, ND

Most likely a mite, but cannot see any identifying details in your image...

Syracuse, NY

Mite can infest themselves anywhere in home, and lead to the infection spread through their bite. This is why number of people are referring pest control services to protect themselves as well their homes from the mite infestation. My aunt has just gone with the pest control spraying in her home with the help of termite treatment Sacramento team and has got all the mite infestation removed in a day. You can also consult any of the professional exterminator if you feel that there are more infestation of termites in your home.

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Minot, ND

Please ignore the 'advice' from KarryDavis - Not only does it appear to be SPAM, following it would do more harm than good. Also, another thought has occurred to me - if these 'bites' are only occurring outdoors, they might be thrips...

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