how should I plant my roses

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I know nothing about roses! the first is called Romantica " eden climber" so I thought the word "climber" meant a trellis? but it looks more like a tree. Do I need a trellis or can I plant this in a huge pot and put under my pergola? does it need to be in the ground? the second is called Iceberg Rose and that is a tree for sure- Can I put that one on my deck as well? In large pot? or does it need planting too-thanks!

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Roses are more like bushes not tress. Some species are larger than the normal. You can plant them on the pot. No need to dig them under the ground.[URL][/URL] van be used for treating them.

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I've successfully grown grocery store minis outside, but never inside. I never water them enough for their tastes! I water them pretty heavily & frequently their first year in ground for me, and I've had about an 80% success rate. But I can't help you if you are gonna pot them up.. I suck at potted plants. LOLLL!!! Here's my minibed. Some of these are grocery store roses, some are ones I ordered.

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Roses are very sensitive so, you have to care about them. First of all plant roses then give water alternatively. If flowers are not blooming then add some organic bloom booster in your plant. It is very good for rose plant and you will get best result. If you want to buy organic bloom booster from amazon then check below link:

Newyork, USA Minor Outlying Islands

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