Tomato Damage

Georgetown, TX

Here are photos of the damage to our tomatoes. Anyone know what is doing this and the safest way to deal with the pest/disease?

Thumbnail by Elspeth6 Thumbnail by Elspeth6 Thumbnail by Elspeth6
Pequannock, NJ(Zone 6b)

Something is eating it like the Tomato Fruitworm.
Did you cut it open and see what's inside? It may have left as the tissue looks like it healed.

Altoona, PA

I agree, looks like possible Tomato Fruitworm damage that had enough time to heal around the edges of the holes.

Sorry, I have no solutions. A quick google search shows control with pesticides, of course. Might want to do some thorough investigating of your tomato plants and fruits and mechanically remove any worms you might find.

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