I am a dahlia keeper!

Fort Worth, TX

This comes from beekeeping. There are bee-havers, who get lucky and their bees live then the bees all die. And there are beekeepers that learn to keep the bees alive.

I am beekeeper. and as of the past week I am now a dahlia keeper.

Got several inches of rain all at one time and didn't put my babies on the porch. I can only keep dahlias alive in large pots, they don't like my heavy clay soil. One of them didn't like the rain. I watched it wilt a little more each day for 2 or 3 days, then I popped it out of the pot, cut off all the mushy bulbs, (only one bulb was still sound) dusted the one sound bulb with cinnamon (cassia, the cheap stuff), put it in a clean pot with fresh new potting soil and powdered rooting compound, and watered it with some super thrive. I trimmed off some of the height on each stem and the main plant and put it in the shade. That was June 7th. I thought it looked a little better yesterday. this morning none of the leaves were limp so I gave it a tiny drink of water and moved it a bit out of the shade so it will catch a couple hours of sunshine.

In prior years I didn't try as hard and well they died and died pretty well.

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Fort Worth, TX

and of the 5 that I overwintered from 2017, 2 are still alive but not a bloom yet. Deciding whether to feed them or just get ready to cut them back for winter

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