Dwarf Alberta Spruce removal with spider mites and vegetabale garden?

New York, NY(Zone 7a)

Dwarf Alberta Spruce has spider mites. I did the sheet of white paper test yesterday and see them. Within maybe a month it has gone from green to more than 3/4 dead and brown (needles fall right off etc.). I'm going to remove it, since from what I've read they do not grow back dead areas etc.

It's about 4' tall and in a side bed right next to a section where I plant a vegetable/herb garden. Reading that tomatoes, zuchinni, and pole beans, etc. can have spider mite problems. I'd like to kill the spider mites so they are not a problem for these currently waiting to be planted vegetable seedlings.

Plan is to treat the spruce with insecticidal soap, next day spray again, and then while still wet lawn bag from the top down taping bag to the trunk before cutting. Trying to catch as many falling mites in bag as can before cutting.

-Actual horticultural soap (potassium salts of fatty acids), or dawn dish detergent since not keeping spruce probably does not matter?
-Neem oil a better choice?
-Saw a suggestion that 1:1 alcohol spray will kill spider mites on contact?
-Any other suggestions?

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New York, NY(Zone 7a)

Sprayed with dawn dish soap 3 TBSP/gallon mixture. Sprayed outside surface, angled in branches and upward under branches. Soapy suds were running down the trunk at the end.
Didn't matter if this was strong, since I was removing the Alberta spruce anyway...

The next day I hand clipped away the branches (bagging them as I cut trying to minimize needles and/or spider mite from dropping on the ground). Then I dug out the main trunk and roots together and bagged them.

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oakville, ON(Zone 10b)

I came across spider infestation on my cardinal flower plant which I bought after reading much about the benefits of native gardening from https://stwilliamsnursery.com/plantdirectory/cardinal-flower/#sthash.xxBCCMoz.dpbs, a short time after I accepted some "plant gifts" from my neighbour. My plants were looking pretty strong 2 days ago and now it is completely covered in spider webs. They are so frigging tiny, and their webs are so fine. Trust me, but this is something really annoying to see on your plants. From the day 1, after finding out them dining on my plants, I have been spraying Neem oil periodically to the leaves and soil underneath. But it doesn't seem to kill the bugs instantly. Do you guys have any other natural remedies that actually work? Please help, am really in need of something natural to shut them off my plants.

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