New Strange Spider

Rehoboth, MA

Hello all! I was bringing some things into my house and on my way back out I saw this...thing...sitting in the corner. I'm in massachusetts and went online to look up a database of spiders in the state and couldn't find a single one that looked like anything like it. It was extremely agressive, as I went to approach it, it came at me. Does anyone know what this is?? I have a 9 month whos starting to run around and I would like to be able to identify it if I come across another one.

Thumbnail by BionicShrimp Thumbnail by BionicShrimp
Minot, ND

This appears to be Pisaurina mira, a nursery web/fishing spider in the family Pisauridae. She also appears to be quite gravid, and likely looking for a safe place to construct a web for the protection of her eggs and subsequent young. Her behavior is defensive, rather than aggressive. These spiders are not at all dangerous to humans.

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