How long until lavender gets true leaves?

Montreal, Canada

I just started a garden this year for the first time. I planted some lavender seeds and some of them sprouted. It took them a month to sprout but I have yet to see true leaves. How long should I take normally? I have them outdoor.

Woodland, NC

Aside from the issue above...I've started lavender from seed for many years under indoor grow lights. The seedlings get about 4 inches under the lights, then I transplant them in spring outdoors into sunny, well-draining areas. Many have bloomed the second year from seedlings. It takes a few years to actually get the bushy look (depending upon the type that you grow). I've also purchased lavender in small pots to replant in public areas and some still look fabulous right now in November. If you have the right growing conditions, they will thrive either way, from seed or purchased plant. IMHO, it is easier to buy the plants, as the germination percentages vary with starting lavender seeds.

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