Need help with new hose end sprayer

Fort Pierce, FL

It's a Chameleon by Hudson. I have Garden Elements Bud & Bloom, a powder fertilizer, from the nursery. I am completely lost. I looked up directions for using a hose end sprayer with a powder fertilizer and everything I saw was incomprehensible to me. I am hoping someone here can tell me how to do this. The sprayer has increments on the lid from something like a half tsp to many ounces. Its empty container holds 32 ounces. The instructions on the Bud & Bloom said 1 tbs per gallon for annual and perennial flowers for 10 square feet. Then it said a bucket, watering can, or hose end sprayer could be used. And after that -- it said nothing.

I put 1 tbs of powder in the sprayer's container and stopped there. I don't really know how much powder to add or how much water to add to the powder.

Can someone please just tell me what to do? I am not great at math and the instructions I saw looked like you need a Ph.D. in math. Thank you SO much!

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