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Toronto, Canada

Window boxes provide a great solution for adding the flair to the exterior of any house. It enhances the view from inside as you are met with a burst of color every time you approach the windows. It gives a soothing feel. On my way to the office, I see a lot of houses in which the flowers are grown in the window boxes. It improves the aesthetics of the house.

I have vinyl windows and doors installed at home. Now I'm planning to make window boxes so that I can grow varieties of flowers in it. But before that, I would like to know what are the flowers that can be grown in window boxes. Will I be able to open the windows if I grow the flowers? Will it block the sunlight?

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Jersey City, NJ

You can grow most small and medium sized annuals and perennials if you get sufficient sunlight. Choices are a bit more restricted without enough sun. I have railing planters 24x7x5 in a balcony facing northwest (6 hours sun) with lobelia, dianthus (pinks), sweet alyssum, Nasturtium, morning glories, petunias, violas, celosias, moss rose, calibrachoa(million bells), cardinal vine, begonia elatior and Columbines. Whether you can open the windows depends on your particular window system and boxes you hang. Same for sun blocking. Depends on how high you put the boxes and what you grow in them.

Toronto, Canada

Thanks for sharing the info...

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