growing sweet corn in the tropics

II live on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and have had no luck so far growing sweet corn, which is traditionally planted now, during the rainy season. The variety that does well here is chewy and flavorless. I've tried some US varieties, including the Hawaiian hybrids to no avail. The plants start out fine, but after they get a few feet tall they form tiny ears of corn and brown out. Any suggestions?

Buriram, Thailand(Zone 11)

Dunno. For myself, I have often bought corn seeds that 100% refused to germinate. I collect my own seeds now, that's one problem less. I assume that the variety that is grown there is adapted to the soil and climate, and that it gets used more for tortilla flour and not as 'sweet corn'.
Also, I don't try in the rainy season as they grow too quick and often fall over. Have you tried compost/manure? Maize does need a lot of nitrogen.

Yes, I garden in raised beds full of compost, because the soil in my area contains a lot of clay. I've also had problems with the stalks falling over. I may wait until near the end of the rainy season to try again.

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