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SOLVED: Our new house has these. What are they

Hamburg, PA

One has a purple flower on it and one just foliage so far. Thank You! For your help. Hope I have this in the right place now.

Thumbnail by Ksbradley21 Thumbnail by Ksbradley21
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

#1 Spiderwort (Tradescantia sp.) - a nice, native perennial
#2 Ailanthus altissima seedling - an invasive tree - get rid of it.

Hamburg, PA

Thank You! We have a bunch of what I think are emerging sumac. Of course I don't want it growing where the gras and flowers are supposed to be but it is hard to identify poison from regular sumac when they are just emerging. Do you know of an easy way or should I just treat it all as poison. I think at this new place we have some of both.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Are you sure it's sumac? If you have Ailanthus trees nearby it's more likely you have a lot of Ailanthus seedlings. Start a new ID request thread with pictures of the plants in question - hopefully we'll be able to tell if they are sumac or something else.

New York City, NY

It is so beautiful.

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Hamburg, PA

I sent a photo to Penn State ag. They said Ailthanus altimius. So I will be doing damage control. Here this tree is extremely invasive!

On another plant can we identify this one? I think colloquially it is called a lantern plant because of the seed pods. Please let me nkow know to remove this. Maybe a stronger than 18% glyphosate?

Thumbnail by Ksbradley21
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

The last plant is Solanum carolinense. It's a perennial with deep roots so if you cut it down it will just regrow. Probably not too difficult to kill with regular strength glyphosate.

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