\"mini\" cyclamen questions re: dormancy

Plum, PA(Zone 6a)

I'm not a beginning gardener but I am a beginner when it comes to cyclamens. The first one I've ever had was a Valentine's Day gift (first picture).

It is now July and not only has it not gone dormant, but it's been on my porch for several months and it has new flowers coming up (5 that I've counted) as well as new leaves (second picture).

My understanding is that this plant should have gone dormant on roughly the same schedule as my primrose, spring bulbs, and ranunculus, all of which DID go dormant as expected.

Is this normal for cyclamen?

If I am doing something wrong I want to help it to go dormant but in reality I've never grown a cyclamen before so I don't know where to start.

Any ideas as to what (if anything) I should do next? The temperatures are in the 82-85F degree range but it's just sitting on my porch making new flowers and leaves all the time...

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Plum, PA(Zone 6a)

Well, just wanted to provide an update (sort of). I asked a lady at a nursery and she showed me her potted cyclamens--they are all brown, dried, and "hibernating" as she called it.

But mine is definitely not. The nursery is less than 5 miles from my house and her plants are in the shade area out back but mine is pretty shaded too (more so after the trees' leaves filled out in April).

She didn't know why this one could continue to bloom and grow new leaves, or if I should be worried for it. *shrug*

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