Lemony Lace Elderberry has wilted overnight

Asheville, NC

We planted this Lemony Lace Elderberry about 6 weeks ago. It was a nice full plant when purchased. It was watered every day and was doing great doubling in size. A few days ago I accidentally gave it a bit more water than usual. The next day the lower branches of the plant had blackened with severely wilted leaves. I clipped off those branches and did not water. The next day the plant has wilted in it's entirety. I hope someone can help me save this plant.

Thumbnail by markom
Pequannock, NJ(Zone 6b)

Is the root area dry? If so, water first because it looks like the entire plant is wilted. See if anything recovers.
Then look for hollow stems. Elderberry is a host to a stem borer. Is there any area that isn't wilted? If so, go to the transitional area between the healthy and wilted and cut away. Then cut lengthwise along the stem and see if you find a larvae. Squeeze along the stems and see if they give way. Since the whole plant is wilted, look at the base of the plant for signs.

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