Symbol confusion: #? Pound?

Boston-Metro, MA

I feel incredibly foolish asking this, but I've gone from clueless to confused back to no idea, and technology is only stymying my online search efforts.

What exactly does the "#" symbol mean?

I have seen it used (after a number, so I assume it represents some unit of measure) in a dizzying variety of contexts, including discussions of nursery container sizes, top-dressing instructions, the label on a "kit"-style amendments package, and quantifying fruit yield in a season.

Any clarification would be appreciated; pointing and laughing anticipated but not required ;)

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Consider yourself #1 in my book for asking.

Now, you may be trying to fit 10# into a 5# bag with all the answers you are likely to get.

Nowadays, I think the symbol (#) means more to people who use various social media platforms, and can be referred to as a hashtag (which is also a dancing bear on The Tonight Show).

As you can see, the "meaning" has much to do with context. I bet a Google or Wikipedia search will turn up a lot in the way of etymology of the symbol and its various uses.

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