SOLVED: Mystery Garden Flower ID

East Bridgewater, MA

My wife can't place this cool flower that has sprouted in our garden. Notice the palm-like leaves which are a nice addition to the blossom

Thumbnail by neefman
Hadley, PA(Zone 5a)

Possibly Filipendula rubra, AKA meadowsweet.

East Bridgewater, MA

It's an astilbe. It popped into our heads out of nowhere while driving around.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Not an Astilbe (which has basal compound foliage). Audrey is correct, it's a Filipendula and likely F. rubra based on the pink flower color.

East Bridgewater, MA

Cool! Happy to be wrong and corrected. We thought it was astilbe for years!

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