Trees and shrubs and lot line issue

Norfolk, MA

My neighbor has admittedly, and proven by survey, planted a dozen or more 6-9' trees on my property. The trees are part of a larger line of trees and shrubs that have others straddling the lot line or on his property. They are now planning on installing a privacy fence (which they wanted to put on my property - I politely declined) which would block these trees. His plan is to transplant the entire line of trees somewhere else on his property.

These trees were planted within the past 2 years.

I feel that I have the right to keep the trees on my property that were planted on the line or on my property. Has anyone ever dealt with such a situation? I can't find any stories or legal situations that are similar to mine.

Tustin, CA

Well you may or may not have the legal right but is it the moral thing to do? Granted, he wasn't very smart in planting them but he did purchase them. If someone came to visit your neighbor and they were confused as to which house it is and so they parked in your driveway by mistake, do you get to keep their car? I think if anything he should at least restore your property back to it's original condition before he planted the trees. Is this something you feel you can work out with him without getting legal with it?

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