Insect eggs (?) on backyard deck producing red discoloration

Moorestown, NJ(Zone 6b)

A week ago thousands of poppy-seed black round specks appeared on a patch of approximately two square yards on my deck. They had a gritty texture under the shoes, but I figured the rain would wash them out.

However, these eggs (?) started to burst, and left a patch of burgundy red on the slabs of the deck.

Concerned about permanent discoloration, I power-washed the deck a couple of days ago, and now they are back, as seen in the picture. Notice a leaf of a Prunus for size comparison, as well as the red color on the deck.

I don't know if these are insect eggs, or seeds, and whether the discoloration will fade by itself.

Thumbnail by betulo
Minot, ND

Do you have wood-chip (or similar) mulch beds nearby? These look like spores of the artillery fungus -

Moorestown, NJ(Zone 6b)

I think you are right, thank you. The only piece that doesn't fit is the redish discoloration. Some online research seems to indicate a darker or black discoloration. Any thoughts on this?

Minot, ND

I suspect that the reddish staining may be unrelated to the fungal spores - you will note that there are quite a few spores without any staining around them.

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