rhizomes/bulbs for postage

Saginaw, MI

Hello just became a paid subscriber to daves garden again after a few years off. Was wondering if anyone has any rhizomes/bulbs they are willing to send for postage. Looking for bearded iris / daylily / trumpet lily / lily trees / oriental lily / canna / daffodil / dahlia / hibiscus. Thank you .

Hazel Crest, IL(Zone 5a)

Sbish5 it is good to see you. I will send you a Daily later. Mike

Saginaw, MI

Thanks Mike . It's good to be back. Good to see some of the old faces/names are still here !!

Grand Rapids, MI(Zone 5a)

I assume you are looking for seeds, not rhizomes and bulbs? I have lots of the tall bronze leaf Canna, but most of the others you mentioned I prefer to just leave in the ground.

Saginaw, MI

Hello , looking for rhizomes/bulbs but will try seeds. Tall bronze leaf Canna would be great. Do you leave your canna in the ground even through winter in Grand Rapids ??? I left mine in the ground (Saginaw, MI) last year and none came back . Thank you Shirley

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