What weevil species is this?

Θεσ&#, Greece

So I've been looking everywhere to find out what specific weevil species this is but with no result so I'm asking here..

Thumbnail by Spy_Matt
Minot, ND

Weevils constitute the largest family of any arthropod, with more than 86,000 species described so far. Unless a true expert on this group stumbles upon your post, I doubt very much that you will find out exactly which species you have. There are only a few species that are so distinctive that I would hazard a specific i.d. from an image; sorry...

Θεσ&#, Greece

Well I've been looking up beetles in a wiki with more than 1000 species (because I'm a masochist) one by one and I couldn't find it...

Also thank you for the help you gave me previously.
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