Plant ID Locust?

(Zone 5a)

First of all, this site is awesome! Now on to business. I found a small seedling in a shady area under my deck here in north Idaho about 2 months ago. I planted it in a container and it's taking off. I have been struggling to identify it ever since. I live on a golf course and have not been able to find anything with similar foliage around my home, or in the woods surrounding the resort. An extensive internet search narrowed it down to what may be a Locust of some kind? What I have read would indicate that it doesn't like shade (where I found it) and it is native to the eastern U.S., so am not sure? I would love to winter this tree over, but question whether it will survive in my zone in a pot? Since many sites stated that locusts are somewhat invasive, I don't plan to plant it in my yard just yet. Thanks for your help.

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Lynnwood, WA

Hello there is looks like it could be Robinia pseudoacacia

I am not a paying subscriber so I can not enlarge your pictures but that is what it appears to be
Juvenile trees have thorns and it runs, so it can be a great problem. makes great firewood and often planted by farmers to harvest for making fence posts since the wood is very weather tolerant

Casselberry, FL

woow uuuu

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