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Saint Clair, MI

Hello! I'm currently pretty new at breeding peppers. I have a list of peppers I will attempt to cross. I currently have two of each in my closet. The Scotch Brains, THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion, Aji Pineapple, Sugar Rush Peach, Pink Tiger, Ring of Fire, and Jimmy Nardello.
First off I wanted to discuss what I hope to achieve for my scotch brains crosses. I will start off with the DeathStalker. It's a cross of SB x CTS. Now the scotch brains has a very citrus fruity taste with heat between that of a scotch bonnet and Yellow Brainstrain. The Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion has a mellower earthy smoky flavor and outrageous heat around 1.2 - 2 million scovilles. What I would like for flavor is the citrus fruity taste of the SB to really shine with a slight smoky earthiness from the CTS. The color and shape I'll be looking for is a brownish orange with the bumpy texture of the SB and the large pods of the CTS. Stingers I hope will be included.
The next cross is SB x SRP called Scotch Sugar Brains. Both of these should blend well with the SB's citrus fruity flavor and the SRP with it's very sweet taste and citrus tones. What I hope to achieve for color is a peachy orange with the pods having SB's wide bumpy texture and SRP adding a larger wider stinger while maintaining the SB heat if all works out.
SB x Aji Pineapple is called Scotch Pineapple Brains. I expect the flavor to be interesting with this one. Mixing the SB's citrus fruity flavor with the Aji P pineapple taste. The color I'm looking to get doesn't really matter to me. The shape on the other hand I hope to get will be SB's wide bumpy size and texture with the Aji Pineapple adding a longer wider stinger to the mix. Hoping to bump up the heat as well
Pink Tiger x Scotch Brains calling this one Pink Tiger Brains. I'm hoping to combine the citrusy fruity flavor with the ghost tones of Pink Tiger. The color i'm looking for is a yellowish orange pink. The shape I'm hoping will be that of scotch brains with a stinger from the Pink Tiger. Not sure what to expect from the heat department. I do have plans to breed Pink Tiger with Aji Pineapple and Sugar Rush Peach. Which I'll discuss later.
My next project is Ring of Fire x Jimmy Nardello i'm calling Apple Fire.Hopefully keeping the size and apple taste of the Jimmy Nardello and adding the heat and productivity of the Ring of Fire.
I also would like to cross my chocolate Trinidad Scorpion to Aji Pineapple, and Sugar Rush Peach
finally I would like to cross Aji Pineapple to SRP

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