6 ways to water plants efficiently

Hồ Chí M, Vietnam

I love gardening. I have a small garden and I want to share some useful tips to watering effectively

You want your garden to grow lush, full of delicious fruit, vegetables and greens throughout the garden, the important issue you need to solve is to provide adequate water for the trees. But to do that does not mean you have to pay extra for your electricity bill in a wasteful way, if you follow the CLV 6 way to water the following fruit effectively:

1. Examination of soil:

How to water the plants effectively

Use your finger to press down the ground a few centimeters, if your fingertips (about 1-2cm) feel dry, not wet, then it is the right time to water the plants.

If you do not trust your finger, you can use it to dry and bend straight to the ground (similar to pressing down). Leave it in for a few minutes, when you take the scabbard, check whether the bend is dark, dark or not. If the color is dark, ie the soil still has moisture, do not water it will waste and vice versa.

2. Watering the ground:

Root vegetables and flowers are well suited for deep watering. Because when watering, water has been absorbed to the bottom of the soil before evaporating above if we use the watering method on the surface. This limits the number of times the plants are watered.

However, the shallow watering on the surface is suitable for the shallow rooted trees, seedlings, sprouts ... Depending on the type of plant to have the most suitable irrigation method.

3. Irrigation in the morning:

In the morning, when the air is fresh and the sun is light, so the water evaporation rate is very low, this is the best irrigation time for your orchard.

If your schedule does not allow for that, then watering in the afternoon (2-3 hours before the sun goes out completely) is also a good option. However, if the plant is actually experiencing a drought due to lack of water, then we can irrigate at any time, noon, or midnight.

4. Park fountain:

How to water the plants effectively

As we can see, in parks, public areas or sprinklers such as "rain", it is also a big waste, since only a small amount of water is put in place to be watered! Water can be sprayed onto paths, stone statues ... not to mention excess water can facilitate growth of mushrooms.

5. Choose to buy a compatible device:

How to water the plants effectively

If you water the plant by squeezing the tubing with your hands to create a "rain" for the plant, then it is a huge waste. Choose an appropriate irrigation head such as: shower head, spray spray, spray mist ... the type of watering head with integrated water / water switch on the head for easy control when moving from tree to tree. Instead of closing down the valve at the end of the pipe.

6. Turn off the tap!

Using tap water is definitely the most common way, right? But, a bit more creative, we can make use of the water around the house to serve the irrigation of the trees. Some suggestions below:

- If your area usually has rain in the dry season, adjust the flow of water from the roof, garden into an established water tank.
How to water the plants effectively
Use of noodles, extra water: water used to nourish noodles, vegetables and fruits are often rich in nutrients are good for plants. Similarly, we can use fruit and vegetable wash to irrigate our beloved garden.
How to water the plants effectively
- Reuse excess ice: If the party organizer, use excess buckets, ice water tanks to cool, provide water to the plant instead of pouring down drains, waste lawns. And you can take advantage of the ice at times to clean your home refrigerator again.

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