Spider question

Allentown, United States

I was firing up my grill earlier and I saw this little guy hanging out on a web he/she built with the grill and a near by chair. I thought the yellow marks on it's back was interesting so I grabbed my camera to try and snap some photos. I was shaking when doing this since I get very nervous around spiders or snakes. Hopefully the photo is clear enough. Would anyone happen to know what spider this is and if it is venomous? I am in Eastern Pennsylvania and it is August.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!

Thumbnail by jacobp
Minot, ND

Ir's an orchard orb weaver, a harmless spider in the family Tetragnathidae (long-jawed orb weavers) - http://www.spiders.us/species/leucauge-venusta/

Allentown, United States

Thank you Flapdoodle! I was thinking it was a Yellow Garden Spider. Really appreciate the clarification.

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