Dallas, TX

What tomatoes do you grow? Which seem to do best in the DFW general area? If you grow from seed, when do you usually sow it?

Any advice about growing tomatoes would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I start my tomatoes from seed in January. I use shop lights and a heating mat. My favorites are Marmande and Lg. Red Cherry. Those make it into my garden every year. I have tried others, mainly heirlooms. I try to stick to the smaller varieties with shorter DTM due to our season length.

Fort Worth, TX

I like Juliet tomatoes. a bit larger and more tomato like than a cherry tomato. And the only one that continues to set fruit during the heat of summer. I get the seed from Totally Tomatoes. (open pollination at my house might produce anything)
i like cherokee purple for eating just with salt and pepper, my vine looks like living through summer and treating me to some fall tomatoes too.
And I like Early Girl for their abundance and their ability to live through the summer and produce a fall crop. I sometimes buy the early girl as sets, but I also keep seed for them around. I generally start my own cherokee purples but have been known to buy a seedling or 2.

In the photo, the odd colored tomatoes at the back are cherokee purple I picked early. And the pink ones I bought a six pack of at Mike's Garden center, Porter. My first time to grow, fairly prolific, still alive, cut back to see what they will do in the fall.

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Dallas, TX

I'm getting hungry now! Thanks to you both for your answers.

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