Hobo spider or Giant House spider?? Help!

Portland, OR

I live in Portland Oregon and I found a medium-sized spider in my ceiling crack, next to a funnel web. I tapped the wall and he came out and down fast. I tried to kill him but he was too fast! However I did get a picture of him, so maybe you guys could help me identify this beast!
Thank you

Now I'm not going to be able to sleep!

Side not the picture makes the spider look very dark and it was however, it some what looked golden too..

I've been bite by a brown recluse in Missouri and still bear the scar, I take poisonous spiders seriously however I don't kill harmless spider I let them kill the mosquitoes for me. :)

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Minot, ND

Your spider is neither of those, it is not even in the same family. It has all the appearances of being a ground spider (family Gnaphosidae); harmless to humans.

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