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Toronto, Canada

Hi again, hope you all doing great. I am here to ask you some doubts regarding my garden shed. Last month, when we had a renovation we replaced some of the rotten doors and windows with new ones. Now, those windows and doors are kept in the storeroom and it is left unused. So, I am planning to repurpose it to make a new garden shed.

We have a huge edible garden in the backyard of our house. I use to keep the garden tools and equipments in the store room. Our store room is small and it is messed up. So, if I repurpose the old windows it could save the space in my store room. Also, I can keep the garden tools in the new shed. What are your thoughts on this? Is it possible to create a garden shed out of the old ones?

If yes, please help me with your valuable suggestions. I found some garden shed ideas on a website. I'm looking for an easy DIY garden shed. Help me, please...

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Consult it with a local home repair contractor they will guide you the right ways to make a garden shed.

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