CLOSED: Have arum Bulbs and Sorbaria Sem plants for trade or postage.

Pittsburgh, PA

I have arum bulbs, maybe enough for a small flat rate box and many "babies" from my Sorbaria shrub.

I do not have a trade list, but would trade for columbine seeds or whatever.


Saginaw, MI

Hello Judy, Just came across your post about arum bulbs. Are these still available?? If so I would love to have some. I do have columbine(mcKana's giants mixed color) that I can send you. What other type of other flower seeds are you looking for ?? I also have echinacea(purple coneflower) Aster (crego mix) Helichrysum (tall double mixed color) Gypsophila (covent garden) marigold (crackerjack mixed color) Johnny jump up (helen mount) Petunia (dwarf bedding mixed color) marigold (dwarf bolero) . morning glory (heavenly blue) morning glory (tall mixed color) . Let me know. thanks Shirley

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