Plumbago, Cape Leadwort (Plumbago auriculata)

(Zone 9b)

Who would not want to look at this everyday? I only used to see them on the side of 880 near entrances in Hayward.

Hayward, CA

This was near there..but it was for sure a home. Plus they seemed to be a deeper color clone,or they were just better taken care of. I wonder if te city waters any of its older plantings,cal trans or whoever is responsible.
Hayward has been replanting all over. This city plants...tears out,re plants..tears out. I don't get it. They took out large clumps of bird of paradise on Tennyson..even as they plant them in other same type street dividers.
Hayward is the least old tree friendly city in the bay area.

(Zone 9b)

Interesting. They must make money per redo. LOL Doesn't matter if it is needed.

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