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What is the multicolor plant/flower?

Somerville, MA

In planters at a nearby outdoor shopping mall, this unusual (to me) multicolored flower was striking.

Does anyone know what it is? (I googled a little, and the closest I could find was either Asclepias tuberosa (milkweed) or Lantana 'Anne Marie'.

Any thoughts?


Thumbnail by dworsky Thumbnail by dworsky
Yankton, SD

its lantana, I am more than positive its not a perennial there in MA. I remember these fondly from my youth in CA, it was pretty much the plant of choice in EVERYONE'S yard =D

Somerville, MA

Thanks, VooDooU.... when I looked up both of my possibilities I learned they were zones 8-10, which definitely would not work in MA. (I was hoping to retrieve them from the mall when they change out the pots, and keep them indoors over the winter.


Yankton, SD

I dont know if it will work =D but you arent the only one. My mom bought some verbena and sweet potato vine on clearance and hopes to try to keep them safe inside all winter.

Woodland, CA

I agree it is Lantana and can be treated as an annual where cold winters are an issue. Just a caution that this is toxic and the fruit is black, shiny and berry-like. My friend's son spent the night in the ICU after eating several, can cause respiratory failure. (He did recover.)

Dearborn Heights, MI(Zone 6a)

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