Forever and Ever hydrangea Together has not bloomed in 4 years.

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 7a)

2014 was a terrible year for hydrangeas on Long Island, NY, but my Endless Summer Original and Blushing Bride have recovered just fine.
This spring when I did not see any flower buds showing up on the Forever & Ever Together, I moved it about 6 inches forward to catch a little more sun, but it didn't seem to help. Any thoughts or suggestions? I 'd like to see it bloom next year!

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I thought with a late freeze this spring that I would have no blooms on my macs but I was pleasantly surprised that most did bloom and fairly well at that. As for moving a shrub six inches, that isn't a lot of movement. What kind of shade is it in? A tree? A building or structure? If a tree then the shade would get denser each year - more than six inches I would assume. I had ten trees cut down this spring to get more sun - I think that has made a huge difference already (a mixed bag though as some hostas are taking a beating now and I will dig those up this fall for moving but the hydrangeas and other shrubs/perennials are looking so much better).

I dug up six hydrangeas and put them in larger pots two years ago so they would not have to compete with trees for water - that made a huge difference in the health of the plant and also more blooms. The nice thing about this is I can move the pots anywhere in the yard to find the optimum spot between mind-numbing watering chores and blooming at their best. That said, try propagating or dividing your shrub and move it to some new spot to see if it makes a big difference?

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 7a)

Thank you very much for your response. I may try moving it still more- take out one plant in front of it and replace it with this hydrangea. I really thought it was getting enough sun and that maybe something else was causing the problem.

Greenlawn, NY(Zone 7a)

My Forever and Ever Hydrangea did bloom this year. I think it may still need more sun. I will move it in front of the astilbe that is in front of it now. When this astilbe bloomed it hid the flowers on the hydrangea. I cut the astilbe flowers off so we could see the hydrangea flowers. I know the astilbe can take more shade without having a problem, so I will reverse them this fall or next spring. Which season do you think would be best to make the move?

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