What hoya\'s do you have?

Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Just got Hoya Mathilda, macgillvrayi and mindorensis. Another order on its way. Just received Hoya archboldiana x macgillivrayi, Hoya carnosa krimson queen, Hoya rigida, Hoya minibelle and Hoya finlaysonii. Just ordered nummularioides, pubicalyx purple hybrid and Kerri reverse variegated. Hope to have cuttings before too long to trade.

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Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

First pic is Mathilda
Second pic is macgillivrayi
Third pic is mindorensis

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Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Here are my minibelle, rigida(large leaves), carnosa, finlaysonii cuttings, and archi x macgillivrayi.
Your turn. I would love to see your list's and pictures here. Please feel free to use this thread.

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Great collection. I only have 3 at the moment but Hoyas are one of my favorite succulents. My favorite new Hoya is Hoya kerrii variegata which has heart-shaped leaves.

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Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Beautiful variegation on your Kerri. I'll put that one on my want list. Thanks for sharing. Hope we get lots of interest here.

(Zone 9b)

I only have a large Hoya kerrii ‘Variegata’ which I neglect too much for it too ever flower. I have known a few hoya collectors that become obsessed with them though mealy bugs seem to put a damper on their obsession.

I would love to have Hoya pubicalyx 'Red Buttons' for the flowers. http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/412009/

Photo by Jim Bishop.

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Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Mealy bugs discouraged me once too. But I was amazed recently by some huge Hoyas in a bob Evans restaurant greenhouse room in ludington Michigan. No bugs. The waitress that cared for them was not there to talk to but I've decided she must spray them. I think I'll try malathion if needed. Any advice here would be very appreciated.
Pubicalx is soooo pretty.

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(Zone 9b)

Scroll down to mealybugs on this page

it has all the Bayer products that work. I have used the Bayer 12 month Tree and scrub on some plants for scale. Killed them dead. I loved it! Esp. because it is a soil drench, systemic so you do not spray it or spray yourself. I only had to use it once a year. I also used it on brugs for cucumber beetle. I only had to treat a couple of the best tasting ones for the little creeps would eventually make it to a treated one and feast on their last meal. I can't remember using it for mealy bugs though. Oh yes I did! I used it on my variegated clivias because the mealy bugs would get deep down between the leaves, And it worked! Again treat the plant's soil once a year!

I think I used the one with fertilizer in it once and it burned the plant. I always thought it was better the plant be thirsty to drink up lots of the insecticide but fertilizer can burn if too much is taken up by plant. I am not sure if they still sell the formula without fertilizer.

Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Have all brand new Hoyas- no bugs. Should I drench them anyway? My bayer tree and shrub formula has 2-1-1 slow release fertilizer in it. I'll run it thru them tomorrow.

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(Zone 9b)

I would not until you see them. I try to use as little poison as possible. For some reason, when you have a lot of 1 kind of plant, they seem to attract bugs. I have had 1 hoya, maybe 2 for years and years. Never had a mealybug on it. But friends who have many hoyas get them easily. When I had tons of brugs I had a constant and expensive battle with mites. In fact, I gave up on my obsession of having hundreds because I was feeling like my yard had become a chemical dump. Since I have only had a few, never a mite. I also stopped force feeding them. I had read that an abundant amount of new lush growth calls out to bugs.

Davison, MI(Zone 5a)

Thank you, I'll take your advice and wait.

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