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Possible issue with my newly planted tree

Anaheim, CA

this is a repost with the pictures hopefully turned the correct way.....Any help would be appreciated.

ZONE 10b

I picked up 3 trees for my backyard. They have been in the ground for 2 weeks.

1) a 2-1 cherry tree (Minnie Lee/royal Lee (approx 15 gal, 10' tall)
2) Glenn Mango 4' tall
3) Arctic Star nectarine

My issue is with the cherry tree. (The nectarine and mango seems to be doing very good).
My soil is clay so I dug the hole about 4' deep and 4' wide and mixed with cactus soil and peat moss to help with drainage.
After showing the nursery my issue he told me to get some 'superthrive'.
In two weeks, my watering schedule has been..... one deep water after planting, a week later I did another deep water which included 2 tsp of superthrive mixed with 5 gallons of water.
The drainage seems good.

The leaves at the top have turned brown and all the leaves are kinda wilted and curled as you can see. Is it possible this is just a "shock"?

How often should I use the superthrive and is the combo a good combo (2tsp-5gallons)

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance

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