BER or sunscald on peppers??

Napa, CA

Hello, from the photo below I'm wondering if you folks can tell me if I'm experiencing Blossom End Rot or sunscald on the immature peppers? The peppers were maturing well and looked great (no spots as far as I could tell) until a couple days ago. Then over the weekend temps spiked to 105-108 degrees on both Sat. & Sun. and I came home from a weekend trip to find them like this. At first I thought for sure it's sunscald, but now I'm wondering if it's BER? Or both? Hard to tell!

Thanks in advance!

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Lynnwood, WA

Hello there i have had the same issues with pepper growing in western Washington Iíve read that this could be due to low calcium levels in the soil you may research in that direction and when in doubt reach out to your local agricultural extension service. Good luck!

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

That looks like sunscald to me.

Lynnwood, WA

I agree that it looks like sunscald and based on his description it could be. The only thing that seems strange is the bottom of the peppers showing damage which could be blossom end rot generally caused by calcium deficiency

interesting read anyway

NJ, United States

Thanks for the link.

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