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CLOSED: Grosbeak or other

Wells, ME

Saw this guy on the ground and he wasn't flying away. He was eating and didn't appear injured, so I left him alone, but was surprised how close I could get. Anyway, the beak makes me think of grosbeak family, but I looked at immatures for rose breasted, evening and pine with no luck. Also looked at Red Wing blackbird since I was near water. Will look at sparrows next.

Thumbnail by jeswain60 Thumbnail by jeswain60 Thumbnail by jeswain60
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Brown-headed Cowbird, juvenile


Wells, ME

Thanks! I have seen the cowbird adults in this region, never knew the young looked so different. If they are the ones that put their eggs in other bird's nests, maybe that explains why this guy was foraging on his own.

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