Compost Success!

Gonzales, LA

I've been composting for several years now with limited success. I have an acre with lots of trees and a large lawn so raw materials are abundant. Trying hot compost, passive composting and moving my ( so called ) finished compost to a finishing bin with a worm tower in the middle. The final results were good but using leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps somehow didn't quite give me the results I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, I still use those things but have added one key ingredient and what a huge improvement. Whole chopped up banana stalks. In the past I've used bananas but have always burned the leaves and stalks during my spring cleanup. This year I decided to try using them and cutting down on the grass clippings. I'm not bagging anymore in an effort to improve my lawn. The typical layering and turning are still necessary but not nearly as much watering. The structure of banana holds tons of moisture all by itself. The results are the blackest,richest compost I've ever seen! If you are looking for an amazing compost and have access to whole banana stalks I highly recommend it. Just make sure you chop them up or it will take months,they are very stringy and make it tough to turn otherwise.

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