jasmine leaf drop

Grand Manan Island, Canada

My Belle of India has started to loose it's leaves. I have it out on an unheated sunporch and the last couple of nights the temps got quite cold. I have since moved it into the house but it is still dropping a lot of leaves every time I look at it! I have trimmed it back after it's flowering, I haven't ever fed or transplanted it,as it was just pruchased this summer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Walnut Creek, CA

I am not a veteran gardener by any means, but jasmine exhibiting what you described was plaguing my jasmine patch too - I was not quite sure to do. I was at the hardware store and saw they had your regular, run of the mill, plant food from Miracle Grow. It was on sale, and I figured I had nothing to lose. For the past two weeks I have watered my jasmine every other day with the Miracle Grow, and they have come back alive and have a visible "perk" to the leaves. The leaf droppage has stopped, and while it's still too early, the leaves are very green. All this from an ad hoc hardware store purchase. I was surprised at the results. The instruction says mix the crystals with water and apply every 7 days. I water one day off, next day on - and the outcome is excellent. (so far so good) Good Luck!

Grand Manan Island, Canada

Thankyou for the advice! I have started feeding it, but was uneasy to over feed it, but it does seem to be doing a little bit better. I visited a garden center on my last trip to the mainland and they gave me Miricle Grow liquid drops, so seeing as it seems to be the same thing you tried only in liquid form maybe I will try to step up my feeding to more often. I'm hoping I can get it back to the point where it will flower again!

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