Help, can I redo a batch of pickles?


Make big batch of pickles from an untested recipe that copies sweet hot pickles.

After I was done I didn't like the ratio of vinegar to water .(4 cups vinegar to 8 cups water) the recipe called for water bath processing.
Made these 2 days ago.

Now I am worried not enough acid in the brine. Can I do a better safe than sorry and make a more acidic brine, and redo this batch with the new brine in a new water bath?

Thanks so much to any smart canners that will have mercy on a beginner.

Jenny Michigan

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

We've all made mistakes and there are safe and unsafe ways to correct them. The acid/water ratio is indeed too low. If you adjust and re-process them you will most likely have soggy pickles. Here are some options...
1. If you are happy with the flavor they can be refrigerated with great longevity. Unseal all the jars before refrigerating to break the vacuum so you don't risk growing anaerobic bacteria. If you would like the flavor of more vinegar or salt you can pour off and adjust to taste as long as you refrigerate them.
2. If you like relish, sweet and hot is the best!. Here you can re-process them without a texture problem because they are chopped up. Drain off your jars and follow a recipe from the National Center For Food Preservation website. Here is the pickle/relish link Treat your pickles as if they had been brined only and procede from there. Do not reuse any liquid from the jars. Use new lids and freshly sanitized jars. Always remove rings after jars cool and wash jars carefully, especially around the thread, to prevent mold.

I can only add that beginner canners should always follow only tested recipes. It's tempting to try a blogger's advice. With experience there is some leeway with certain recipes such as adjusting certain flavorings or the balance of vegetables and meats in some pressure canning recipes. Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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