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Jumping Spider

I honestly don't know what species this is. I live in the northwest in the United States. All I know is I saw this spider duke it out with a tiny iridescent blue-green wasp within this past hour, as of posting this. The wasp won, and tried to crawl up up pant leg with the corpse in tow. I freaked out and shook my foot, sending to wasp and it's prize flying. I'd like to know what species the poor victim was. I'm thinking it was a female spider. She's very small. Small than usual for jumpers. Possibly a juvenile, if I had to guess.

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Thumbnail by Anonymous1225
Minot, ND

From what I can see, thr abdominal pattern is consistent with that of Phidippus audax, a very common and widespread species known as the bold jumper -

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