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CLOSED: Tiny little black / brown insects EVERYWHERE

waterford, Ireland

Hello everyone, i've noticed i have minuscule insect everywhere in my apartment, in drawers, on funitures, kitchen press EVERYWHERE, i'm killing dozen of them a day. i was wondering if you could tell me what it is, and how to get rid of it...
I tried to take photos of the insect beside a 10c coin (euro) like that you can have an idea of the size.

Thank to help me identify them

Thumbnail by Cmoidd Thumbnail by Cmoidd
Minot, ND

I cannot see enough detail to be confident of an identification. If it seems hard to the touch (a 'crunchy'), it might be a very tiny beetle. if it feels soft (a 'squishy'), it might be something like a booklouse (psocid) which are harmless nuisance pests.

waterford, Ireland

Thanks flapdoodle, it's squishy, could be a booklouse, when i look up online what a booklouse look like, it definitely looks like it. It's just most of my insects are black, a booklouse seems to be brown, do you think a booklouse can be black ? and Do you know how to get rid of them please ?

Minot, ND

There are many species of booklice and they can appear in several different colors. The best deterrent for them is moisture/humidity management, as they are susceptible to desiccation and they feed primarily on mold spores and the like.

waterford, Ireland

I do have a lot of mold and a lot of humidity in the house. Thanks for the explanation you gave me and the identification :)

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