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I have no clue...

Gainesville, FL

This plant is about 3-4 months old. It started in a new garden patch we'd cleared and because I couldn't identify it, and because I kind of liked the look of it, I let it stay. It is now about 1.5 feet high. The leaves are softly fuzzy and fold up at night. It has never flowered and doesn't show any inclination to do so.

I live in North Central Florida

Thumbnail by SlenderHope
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Looks like a Magnolia to me but the leaves don't fold up at night on a Magnolia.

Gainesville, FL

It's definitely not a magnolia. I know that tree really well...have a couple of them. This is something I've never seen before. Its leaves fold at night, as I said, and I'm fascinated by it.

Yankton, SD

Question, so some saplings leaves fold up but not the grown tree? My honey locust sapling folds up at night but I dont think the main tree does. I am not 100% of this but that sapling is only from this year and very tiny, folds up every night.

Gainesville, FL

As you all know, Florida was hit hard by Irma last weekend. I was driving home from work using some back streets and observing the wreckage, when I saw this plant growing in my neighbor's yard. I think it's the same as my mystery plant which is, evidently, still a baby. Does anyone know what this is?

Thumbnail by SlenderHope
Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I have no clue really but I am wondering if it could be a relative of the peanut plant. The leaves fold up in the peanut plant. Plus the leaves are very similar to your second photo. Though the flowers are not similar at all except for color.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

It may be Crotalaria spectabilis - will be easier to ID when/if it flowers.

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