Help Please - Variegated Pittosporum and Japanese Blueberry

Houston, TX

I have a bed with variegated pittosporum, English hawthorns and a 10 foot tall (6 year old) Japanese Blueberry.
Most of the pittosporums are suffering from leaf browning that started at the tips and is traveling toward stem. One newer pittosporum is unaffected. This has been going on with the pityosporums for months.
The English Hawthorns are fine.
2nd problem is my Japanese Blueberry is suddenly wilting and dying.
I'm in Houston. The beds did not flood.
Any help is appreciated

Fort Worth, TX

I wish I could help but I am not familiar with either species. I have had blueberries before and they want a lot of water. Pitttosporums been fertilized? has soil compacted? did you get good rain or are you watering?

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