SOLVED: Just purchased plant, lost plant ID tag and need help :(

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I just purchased this plant at my local homedepot and it seems on my way home I lost the plant ID plastic tag. I tried looking online for any information relating to this plant and came up with nothing. The plan sku doesn't show anything on their site, and the receipt shows a generic name. The generic name is Tropical Foliage #4 BN, listed right above the barcode. Sku 310098, barcode 703287112779.

I tried looking up terms to help with ID, but most identifiers assume for some reason are not setup to identify through leaf type.

Here is what I assume (with hopefully correct terms) what the plant looks like. The stem itself is rough and brown, like that of a bush or shrub. The Petiole is dual colored both a creamy white and dark brown to black. There are three leaves growing from each petiole, which are long slender and pointed. The leaves are a shiny and smooth in texture. Each leaf is jagged at its side, with the edges pointing towards the tip of the leaf. The leaves are nicely colored dark green. The plant itself was grown at Bells Nursery, whom I also emailed for help as their site is just a corporate front and nothing more. Plant length is standing at around 10 inches, looks like a mini tree.

Included are several pictures that should help with identification, if you are familiar with this plant.

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I could be way out in left field here but it resembles a false aralia. Don't feel too badly, it probably did not have an tag other than tropical to begin with.

Philadelphia, PA

Thanks plantnutz! That's exactly what it was.

A variation grown for its dark color known as the False Aralia 'Galaxy' (Dizygotheca Eegantissima). I went ahead and added this particular version to the plant list. If the nursery gets back to me I will update the information on the listing.

There is another variation which has a golden color on leaf outlines known as False Aralia "Gold Crest".



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