Airplant. On my airplant. Meta-airplant?

Dripping Springs, TX

I haven't had good luck looking online for air plant species because of the large number of people selling them, well, it sort of clogs up the information.

This little fiberous dude volunteered on one of my air plants and I think it's really cool I would like to propagate it and maybe have a super tiny air plant garden in an absolutely itsy 3-inch by 3-inch terrarium.

But I don't know what it is or what its needs are I'm just kind of lucky I've kept it alive!

Thumbnail by Gryphus
Sydney, Australia

Hahahaha dude I laughed at "Meta-airplant" !!

Looks like your Tillandsia has fruited and those are the seed hairs encasing the *hopefully* seeds. You may be able to propagate them. Sweet!

Dripping Springs, TX

Thank you for the advice!! I have little tiny airplants now, and I am being very gentle on plant food and not too much light!! How cool!!!!

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