\'Black spruce and White pine\'-Are they toxic to goats?

oakville, ON(Zone 10b)

One of my friends told me that white pine trees and Black spruce trees are toxic to cattle. Are they? I have heard of people giving their cattle and goats their Christmas trees. So I gave my steers and cow the Black Spruce(https://stwilliamsnursery.com/plantdirectory/black-spruce/#sthash.WosuhZsU.dpbs) which I had cut from our yard. I decided to cut it out because it was growing too close to the apple tree. My neighbor has got a very large strand of White pine, and I had set up a fence next to it last year. The cattle on my farm likes to use the pine's shade in summer. But when I told my friend, how my goat like this tree, he told me that it is toxic to them and can cause abortion in goats. I took it out of the pen right away, but she had nibbled a lot of it. I am very much concerned about her since she is only 2 months along with her calf. I would love your help and any information is appreciated. Thank you.

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