OCTOBER Challenges, project and Organizing Ourselves, all welcome..

Victoria Harbour, ON

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Santa's Workshop is now open..

It's a sunshine day out there, tipical fall day with an expected high of 68.

Good day to open Santa's Workshop, before you know it Christmas will be upon us and so it's time to make my Christmas list and continue thinking of projects to tag for those I love.

Last few weeks have been productive, did the Halloween throw for Melanie, she loved it..went in my pile of unfinished projects and ended up quilting the Christmas tree throw, 2 table toppers and yesterday I made another Christmas table topper..

Time to set goals to keep me on track,

Today I'm thinking ogpf putting binding on the cross stitch quilt and hand sew binding, get that project finished

This week, finish my niece's Halloween throw and put my sister Sharon's Christmas quilt on the frame, know she is anxious to see it finished.

Months goal,

Quilt and finish another cross stitch quilt, 3-4 other Christmas gifts,get wood done for the Christmas workshop, a stained glass piece and I'd be pleased with October, now let's see what I do get done.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I am moving SLOW and have a young friend here changing Ben's bandages (from the weeping of the lymphedemia). I have to drive to Othello to show the studio. A young crop duster, my thoughts are it would be very short term and I am reluctant to go thru the whole rental thing for a short-termer. Probably will wait for someone that looks like a long-term prospect.

I LOVE the carpenter star and really need to make one.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Wow, Betty, busy busy. You're always enviably productive. I've spent the last two days doing my volunteer food recovery and have appointments this afternoon. As for water, the crew canceled at the last minute and rescheduled for this Thursday. So we'll be off to Maypop Wednesday afternoon. Maybe a bit of time to sew tomorrow or pack my project to bring along.

Victoria Harbour, ON

You say I'm busy, don't know how you do it all, just like Pat you never stop.
That's the pitz, you were hoping to have water problems behind you..


ah Thank goodness that the snow stopped, the wind died down, and now the sun's out, melting the snow off the roof & the icicles too :-) Supposed to get to 19c by Friday

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Goodness.... snow. We've had some in the mountain passes but not here the "flatlands".

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

*sigh* thought I would have trouble getting up this morning, instead find that I woke up at 3.30AM and could not get back to sleep. Oh well... sew a little and get ready for work.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Calling for 70's over the weekend, our Thanksgiving, rain Saturday but overall a great weekend for long weekend.

Susan, love the look of fresh snow on the ground but I can wait for it.

Pat, it's going to be a long day for you..you'll be ready for sleep early evening.

Might try to quilt the Christmas table topper today so I can start et it aside in finished bundle..had great intentions of doing binding on the cross stitch quilt but decided laying on the couch more pleasing!

Girls come today, best I go make the coffee and get ready


Hooray - I got a call from Home Care - they'll be here to take out my staples at 3:30. I don't have to go out just yet. I hope it melts some more & I'll make a short trip across the street to Crafting. If not, I'll be there next week.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Girls just left, always love seeing them, so chatty lol

Good news about home care Susan..

Baxter Snowriders Susan must have heard about your snow, got the notice if I want to save $$$ I have until end of month to get Kyle and Greg's snowmobile passes..it's a shame, season is getting much shorter for snowmachines and last year they closed many trails and this year they've gone up again, $197.50 each IF if buy early. I'll call Kyle as he has all the info on his computer, just need to gicpve him my cc and that will be their main gift done.


what a neat gift, Betty! I'm sure Kyle & Greg would love it!
I'm Only going to Crafting/Library IF the snow melts more. Bob would drive me there, and pick me up early so I could get home for Home Care @ 3:30. We'll see

Victoria Harbour, ON

Although the feel like temp is 81 the wind is up, rain on its way..

Had company early this morning, more to dropinthis afternoon so just had lunch and decided seeing I was able this morning to put binding on Christmas table topper and the Rose cross stitch quilt I can sit, watch a movie amdhand sew..goalies to have them both done by bedtime

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beautiful, Betty!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Home care finally today to see Ben. I was a little ticked they never contacted me or him, just showed up. Ben said they debried the dead skin & rebanaged everything and will rewrap on Sat.
We have an interview for caregiver tomorrow.
I showed the studio and have a renter lined up for Saturday.
We'll see....

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hoping Pat the best studio gets rented, would take a load of your mind and leave $$ in your pocket.

Unusual isn't it that they don't confopirm their arrival, could have come out and you and Ben might have been at an appointment.

How is your sister doing?

Sipping coffee and will finish last of binding on the cross stitch quilt and hope the lines the company adds to the fabric washes out when I wash it this morning seeing it's so old..be disappointed if they don't.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

It is very frustrating because they (professionals) do not recognize how cognitively impaired Ben is unless they spend more time with him, and they don't! So we have people like the nurse talking to HIM, not me, about his needs. RN said she was coming back on Saturday. Great... but no time set or Ben doesn't remember!

Sis's knee is doing better but the back is acting up since the accident.

I meet the renter (she sent niece and nephew to check it out because she is over 200 miles away) on Saturday and collect money, sign papers. I am excited, she is older woman on SSI and I hope she stays put. Likely will unless the niece & nephew move again.

Sending you good vibes ALL traces of manufacturers markings are LONG gone after washing. Beautiful quilt.

Victoria Harbour, ON

That is good news Pat, you could do with a bit f luck..likely as she is mature she'll want to move in and stay..niece/nephew didntmention moving in?

Perhaps you will have to leave a message for nurses to leave you written notes to know what day and time they will come..frustrating for sure.

I have the quilt in the wash, just checked on it, looks as though marking are gone, because the top is about 25 years old I thought maybe mpdesign marking might not have come out..noticed a couple places that mom or sharon might have pricked their finger and has blood stain and tried to get it out, that is ok though, makes for a project made of love, blood and sweat.

I've that Halloween panel on the quilting frame, think I should quilt it and get it done so I can put Sharon's Xmas quilt on the frame, that one is time consuming but want it DONE so I can put the other cross stitch quilt on the frame as one goes for greg and one for Jeff.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Betty, a very spectacular quilt! Oozes old-fashioned romantic charm. What is is destiny?

No sewing here though I was able to broker a pass on going to Maypop while SO went up yesterday. We have commitments in Atlanta tomorrow and folks clearing fallen trees at Maypop on Saturday. I'm preparing food for the volunteers. SO is holding down the Maypop water line project. Couldn't ask friends, who have generously given up their weekend, to reschedule for our convenience. Their compensation is free fire wood, food and beverages. SO returns to Atlanta tonight and we'll both be on our way back by tomorrow afternoon. This is not the fun part of having a second home. I did manage to complete the strips and wash the black background fabric. This easy peasy project is going to more drawn out than expected. What's new?


You ladies are inspiring me to get some quilting done, but don't know where to start. I've been so busy knitting and don't have any new quilting projects that I guess I'll just keep on doing knitting. It clears the cupboards out more when balls of yarn "disappear" lol They're all slated for a charity called Nimble Fingers (baby blankets for African babies) and I rather like helping them.My friend Sandy, who brings them the blankets, said my last contribution got mixed reviews until they Felt it - cloud soft, so then the colour didn't matter. It was tan in the middle and the beginning & endings were multi-coloured browns. No, not a "baby colour" of brights and pastels, but oooooooooh so soft that it Needed to go to a baby!!!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Function over form anything when something is truly NEEDED.

I cut strips for border of a Halloween door hanging. I truly hope I can get it done for when I go back to work on Tuesday. I cut strips for the border of the panel last night and I am hoping to start piecing that for a few minutes today.

The nurse came this morning while I was still home. Changed Ben's wrap schedule to sooner in the week. She is going to ask the nurses to come between 10 and noon, their schedule changes rapidly and that's just the nature of their job.

The leg is still draining. I'm drowning in laundry as I put water proof pads on the bed with towels to project the bed, it saves me from having to do the whole bed sheet change every day.

Ok, well LOTS to do and I have to get on it to get it all done so off I go.


Pat - you're a wonderful nurse & caregiver/home care - Ben's very lucky to have you on his side. I'm glad to hear they've given you a time frame for when they'll come to see him. Easier for you to plan your day.

I scored today - friend of mine in Olds was selling a "mixed bag" of material. She thought some was broadcloth, some cotton, etc, but it looks like it's all cotton, and fat quarters at that! 10 fat quarters, and a few meters of another piece, plus a cotton twin bedsheet (not my fav colour - peach). Yup, I lucked out. They're all in fall colours except for a baby blue fat quarter.
'tis the season for me to do something with these!! I'll have to check out Quiter's Cache to find a good fall pattern :-D

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Pat am glad they are providing you with a somewhat schedule..thank goodness for washing machines in the home, can't imagine having to go to laundrymat. Did you get your binding done? We are on same page, trying to get the Halloween door panel done, I need mine for the 17th but Lordy you don't have much time to complete yours..would love to see a photo.

Laurel, all going well with you and your list of to do's

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I'm grateful the Home Nurses are used to just walking in if there is no answer to door bell, knowing. They test door lock and will walk in. Ben will not be able to get to door in time otherwise.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Betty, my list of to dos is more like a bucket list than a monthly plan. Besides, you cover enough project ground to cover all of us. Haha.

Volunteer friends were cutting trees on our back road until six last night. They set up a portable saw mill to slice the wood horizontally for their woodworking projects. So many trees piled in one spot across the road that they were not able to make an opening large enough to drive tractor or car through. Someone is bringing a log splitter next gathering. Free firewood for all. My day was spent hosting and feeding the crew. It's a rainy day today but thankfully we have been spared more severe weather from Nate which shifted west of us.

Speaking of nurses, time is nearing for license renewal and whatever "free" time happens is being spent accruing professional practice and continuing ed hours. We have upcoming travel plans so, after cleaning and doing laundry here, then returning to Atlanta later today, I need to begin packing. Doesn't seem like sewing time is going to happen unless I declare a mental health break. It has been wild ever since Irma hit. Did I mention that, as temperatures bump down, the greenhouse is only half moved. Major effort in that direction this week. Forget frost. Many orchids belly up in temperatures under fifty five.


My daughter got home from London yesterday - wish we lived closer. She broke her foot on her 3rd day of their 15 day 2nd honeymoon, so she's wearing a non-weight bearing boot & using crutches. This meant she couldn't go anywhere. Apparently the steps in London are cement, not concrete, so very slippery when wet, and with a size 5 1/2 foot, her foot reaches from front to back of the tread, so not easy to hop on crutches. She ended up spending the majority of their vacation in their flat - didn't make her happy, poor girl. She insisted her hubby went to the soccer game they meant to both go to. Also, they bought an "event ticket" which, if used, gave them major discounts on places & events. Well, not being able to go meant it was an expensive & mostly unused ticket.
Now that she's back home, as of yesterday, she has to go to her foot surgeon on Tues.to see if she can have her hysterectomy Nov 8 (exactly 6 wks after breaking foot) - blood clotting is the concern.
While she was away, she found out her dad (my ex) has stage 3 lung cancer, and also has an app't on Tues. She also starts back to work on Tues, so it's going to be a busy day. She'll phone into her dad's app't, and stay at work in the morning, then go to her app't in the afternoon. My goodness, she's going through a lot. I'll wait until later, to tell her about her grandma.......... she certainly has enough on her plate.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

My goodness, your poor daughter! What a disappointment and so much "bad news" at the same time too. hugs for you & her.


Yes, it was their 10th anniversary, and really ruined their vacation. But, now she's home, on familiar ground, and will feel more comfortable on those darned crutches.
Just a year ago her FIL passed, while spending time with his sons in his workshop - healthy, until he slipped & hit his head causing his death. Two years previously, her MIL passed. It seems, of the 4 parents, I will be the only one left, and live in a different city. I know her father's chance of surgery is low, because of hardening of the arteries - heavy heavy heavy smoker. He'll only be 70 in Nov. When I talked to our daughter, she said it hadn't sunk in yet, so she wasn't reacting yet. I want to reach out and give her a hug......... Please pray for her, anyone here who does. She's not a believer, but I know that doesn't matter.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

My prayers go out to her and all of you Susan.....

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Goodness, I have missed 2 months of this thread somehow. Lots of catching up to do.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought you gave up on us Lindakay lol

Had a lovely day yesterday, had Thanksgiving dinner with Greg/Mel where they and Kyle were camping, left there, dropped in to see Uncle Allan at the home for 15 minutes, did a tour of the graveyard and enjoyed the memories of each family grave I passed then went to rogers aunt Blanche's 90th so full day..

Imagine I'm still in my Jammie's but I've been productive, did a load of dishes, laundry, cleaned the stove, quilted on the Halloween piece for 1/2 hr..folding clothes from dryer and think I will do my refrigerator, .Lordy it needs doing.. then finish the Halloween piece on the frame., just hope my energy can keep up with me lol

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Finally got caught up reading. I have missed so much.
Pat, sending prayers for a speedy recovery for Ben. Not easy when you get an allergic reaction to meds. Sure hope your new renter likes the place and stays put for awhile.
Susan, sorry to hear about your daughterbreaking her foot. Not fun at all.
Barb, I love your quilt, that is so pretty!
Lilly, I loved your dresden plate runner too.
Laurel, that flower quilt is so cute, and lots of work for sure.
I have joined a bunch of ladies that meet every Wed. Right now most of us are working on kids quilts, I will get some pictures and post soon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Look forward to seeing photo's Pat..do you get to keep the quilt.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Welcome back Linda Kay!!!!


And my daughter's saga continues...... Last night I saw her post about blood clots - she thought she may have one. Sure enough, yesterday the hospital told her to come back this morning & get an ultrasound to find out and she does. That means her hysterectomy on Nov 8th is being postponed of course. They put her on warfarin pills (thank goodness not the injections I'm on, but she said she'd do them if it had been necessary). Right now she can't win for losing, eh?
What a way to spend Thanksgiving Day.....
Today, out of the blue, I decided to call my brother Stan and wish him Happy Thanksgiving. Shocked the heck out of him, but he's obviously been keeping tabs on me and asked how my surgery went, etc. Then he told me more about Mom, and also what he's been up to. We talked for about 45 minutes. He's the same age as my Bob. It was good to talk to him. Last time I tried, it was several years ago and he was an absolute jerk to me. I figured that family needs to keep trying, so that's why I called today. He seemed really happy to hear from me. Yup, mending fences is always a good thing (especially when he's sober). Told him about Michelle's foot, etc (they've always stayed close).

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sorry to hear about your daughter Susan..hate those periods of time whennothing goes right.

I finished the door Halloween door panel ..did a lot of quilting in the Bears..looks a lot nicer than the photo's

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Just great, Betty!

Linda Kay, finding a group to work along with on creative projects is so motivating. Clubs here tend to be large and have formal meetings that focus on group projects and guest speakers. I'd like to join a group that came together to just stitch and share. Lucky you.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

I love our VFW-QOV sewing group. I'd love to go more often but the others belong to other groups so once a month is enough for them.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Our group is about 12 ladies, some come just to sit and chat, others make kids quilts, some work on a personal quilt. I really enjoy it, no set rules.


Michelle got further bad news today. Her dad's cancer has progressed to his brain. They're going to the oncologist tomorrow, and will find out the prognosis. However, if he's high risk for surgery, because of the hardening of his arteries, I don't see much hope for him.........

We enjoyed our anniversary dinner out. People were looking at our outfits, and finally someone asked what the occasion was, so I explained it's our 19th anniversary. Here are a couple of pics Pat took of us.

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

That's what I love about ours too Linda, no rules, no sniping. Just laughing & chit-chat. I give every 4th quilt to the VFW group. They always have fabrics & supplies there but I just bring my own as i have lots.

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