Indio, CA

Infestation so bad I have stripped my entire garden. Am still seeing one or more on my duranta vines new growth. My plan is to leave garden bare until December. I live in Coachella valley and summer is over. Any suggestions on finalizing the death of these horrible creatures?

Bayside, NY

This is my second season of whiteflies 😞
Weekly ladybugs, sticky yellow paper, bug blasters (strong water splashes), green lace wings, spiders, have all been helpful. Start really early in the spring...try to identify where they are overwintering and attack at first sign. I guess you can try soap, but it doesn’t really stop them. They are very hard to get rid of.
Sorry you have to deal with this horrible garden pest.

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

There is a Bayer product that actually has a very good response. I'm sure it's very expensive but nothing compared to the cost and work of replanting. I did note that this has been extensively tested with bees and found to be safe. Hope it helps: https://www.environmentalscience.bayer.us/turf-and-ornamentals-management/production-ornamentals/products/Altus I found a place to buy it: https://www.pestrong.com/1696-altus-insecticide-ornamentals-64-oz.html

Hope this helps...

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