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Conituous harvest of approx of 50 ears of corn per week

I live in a zone 10ish location with no real frost. I would like to aim for an ambitious 8 month growing season between march 1 - october 30.

One of the issues with corn that enough plants need to be grown together for good pollination. That, combined with short optimal harvest window, often results in large amounts of corn all at once.

I could use help with how much to plant, and when, in order to be harvesting at a rate of 50 ears (25 plants) per week. My main concern is poor tip fill due to small amout of plants flowering at any given time.

It seems that plating 60 seeds (aiming for 50 plants) of varieties that mature one week apart, every two weeks, will produce the yields that I aim for.

I would appreciate any suggestions here.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Bring this question to the vegetable garden thread or D-mail Farmerdill. He will have the answer. It seems that the seed varieties you select would also be important.

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