Overwintering peppers indoors

Plymouth, MA

I recently listened to the "you bet your garden" podcast in which host Mike McGrath encouraged growers to bring pepper plants indoors fot the winter and keep them alive under shop lights so as to get a head start with extra large plants the following spring. Here is an article in which he describes the same process: http://www.gardensalive.com/product/bring-in-your-pepper-plants/you_bet_your_garden

Now by the time I decided to do it the weather was pretty cool, so I did not start the process in late summer as he recommends. No hard freeze yet and the peppers which were growing in a raised bed were looking hearty with lush greenery. I figured I had nothing to lose so I dug them up and brought them inside, placed under shop lights with 4 bulbs and also located in front of a south-facing window.. Now the leaves are wilting and the plants look a little sad...

Anyone have experience overwintering peppers indoors and want to provide advice and suggestions? Any assistnace would be greatly appreciated.

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