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Hi i just adopted 4 new interior plants and i need help i don't know how to feed them what to do or how they will be in my interior home i don't have a garden so i do my best for light in day i take them to my salon it's the best place for light but i don't know how much water they will need in how much time if they need any thing but water and the catastrophe is that one of them is today starting to turn yellow in some areas so pleas Pleas pleas can any one hwo knows in garden help me I'm freaking out i have the problem of how to take good care of them and to let them love there new area i will do my best and have that problem that the pots are maybe big they contain a lot of soil o will take pictures of the plants and the pots to see if you can help me and the issues that i have another one have some task so i will leave pictures with detail because i dont know much English

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The Dieffenbachia if the name is right we when moving here from the stor to home some leafs have benn broken but 2 of the others are today yellow and I'm freaking out I'm the one who change them from the old pots and this plant have the roots on top of the pot i don't know why and how much time it have to take to replace the roots to the new pots because i removed the dieffenbachia she wasn't good and i found her still in the same position of the old pot

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I'm worried about my babies there really dear to my heart i don't want them to day i already had one and i was so sad when she died so please help me

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Looks like a deff, a parlor palm and a pothos. Bright light, Water when slightly dry.

Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

When I first started growing house plants I had difficulty too and one of my friends gave me an advice, Do not use the cold water out of the tap to water the plants, Get a large bottle or container and fill it up and let the water rest for a couples of hours so it is room temperature ,then water the plants , The shocking cold water affects the plants, Also when I have fussy plants I water them from the saucer under the pots . Hope this tip makes a difference. The Dieffenbachia plant should be watered maybe once or twice a week .I have a Palm for 42 years and the secret to Palm are they like Sandy soil since they grow nice by the beaches .You should go to the Pet store and buy a Bag of the peebles that used in Fisn tanks and buy a small bag of Sand .You may get the Sand at a hardware store, Take the Palm out of the pot wash off the soil from the roots put it back in the pot and add the mixture of the pebbles and sand ,and water it thoroughly once a month. Hope my advice helps you . Happy gardening.

Thank you i really need an advice i love my plants there like my babies and i don't wanna loose them i already have been there and it was really difficult for me to start all over again

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