Hens on strike

Enderby, Canada

I have 2 banties and 6 other full size heritage hens including Rhode I.R. and a 1 year old RIR rooster (very healthy and all free ranging) yet none of my hens gone broody last spring, can anybody advise why? Thanks.

Richmond, TX

I don't know about your other hens, but RI Reds have been selected for non-broody traits so that they keep laying.

london, United Kingdom

When flies lay eggs around a chickens butt, it's called fly strike and if it's not treated immediately, they will die and fast. Our hen got worse within a matter of hours and had to be put down! Make sure you keep soaking her bum and checking for maggots/picking them out of her. We now check our chickens butts everyday for runny poop on feathers or anything close to it. That's another thing that causes fly strike.
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